ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion 2R 20X20 W/COV 2RHY2020C

ROHO Hybrid Elite Cushion 2R 20X20 W/COV 2RHY2020C
Item# 2RHY2020C
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Product Description

Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment Features:

Adjustable to shape and weight in the pelvic loading area

Adjustable to changes in individualís position in the pelvic loading area over time

Hydrostatic distribution of load across the pelvic loading area

Provides up to approximately 2. in / 7 cm of immersion

Adds little weight to entire mobility system

Air-filled cushion insert can be easily cleaned and disinfected

Cover is machine washable and can be disinfected, foam base may be wiped with damp cloth

Neoprene cushion insert can be patched or repaired to extend use

Contoured foam base and air insert are fluid resistant

Foam insert is contoured to provide support to the legs

Foam insert is easily wiped clean and disinfected

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