Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 CPAP Full Face Mask

Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 CPAP Full Face Mask

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The V2 full Face CPAP/BiLevel Mask from Hans Rudolph is medical engineering at its best. The unique design of the mask features a soft silicone face piece that allows unparalleled comfort while still maintaining a leak-free seal. Without having a forehead support, the material and seal of this mask work together to minimize pressure points on the face.

Two structural braces have also been added to the V2. These work to give the mask more support at higher pressures and also serve as an attachment points for the Tri-Glide Headgear clips.

Even the Swivel Port has been improved. Anti-Asphyxia Valve, Micro-Hole CO2 ventilation, free movement and a detachable swivel port make this mask functional, safe and quiet.

The new Tri-Glide Headgear is tremendously beneficial to the V2 package. With five points of adjustment there is no tension level you can't reach or relieve. The Tri-Glide adjustment point on the crown of the head allows the user to better control how the mask vertically rests on their face while the four mask point adjustments serve as tightening and loosening straps.

Features & Benefits: *Soft Silicone Rubber, Single Piece *Temperature Resistant *Plastic Swivel Elbow *No Rigic Frame *No Bonded Surfaces, No parts to loose *Comfortable to wear *Simple to clean
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